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Welcome to Kriegsmarine Plus

Please note, we are currently working on our new website, and the items listed on this site may no longer be available.
Please check our catalogue for a full list of the items we currently have.

This is a website for collectors of original militaria, and ladies quality furs, hats & accessories fot that 40s elegance and style.

This site shows a small selection of photographs from our full collection. Please click here to see our complete catalogue.

Although the two are a strange mix the team consists of Mick Coverdale a collector for some 45 years of Kriegsmarine pieces and Jenny his wife who has collected original female clothing of the World War Two period.

This website is not intended to cover all of the pieces we have in stock but to show a sample of what we can supply a full printed list will be available or we can send it to you by an email attachment or a photograph of the piece .

We are aware of the torment of new collectors who have not purchased wisely in the past , there are people out there you will lie to you to get a sale , buyers beware the current books are getting better and published in colour we recommend certain books in our list which has a cross reference letting you know where you will see the piece in a certain book.

This site shows a small selection of photographs from our full collection. Please click here to see our complete catalogue.


If you are offended by seeing items displaying a swastika please proceed no further!

You will find Third Reich pieces which display the swastika as issued during the 1933 -1945 period in Germany we do not have affiliation with any political parties and the items shown are of a historical nature and for the collector of such.

Fur Clothing

We also have a stock of original furs from the same period for the female re enactor and we agree with all current policies re the Fur Trade and would not entertain any item which is not period.

Buyers Information

If you are interested in purchasing any of the items shown on this web site or any of the items listed in our extensive catalogue please contact us for further information.


All pieces shown are guaranteed original and from the period they represent.

A full guarantee cannot be given to medal ribbons as a lot where renewed or updated by the veteran. we will refund the full cash price of any item you are dissatisfied with providing the piece is returned within 7 days of receipt (minus the cost of postage) we would request an immediate phone call if you are dissatisfied with any piece which must be returned in the same condition as supplied.


As a buyer you pay the level of postage you require and be aware of maximum compensation offered by the post office, items damaged have to be photographed and returned in its original wrapping .overseas buyers have to await the postage until confirmed at the local post office.

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